'The Silent Patient' by Alex Michaelides

We were reviewing the book 'The Silent Patient' by Alex Michaelides. Our score was a very generous 9 out of 10 .

Some comments were:

'I read it very quickly and really enjoyed it'

'The pace was good and the characterisation was complex'

'The descriptions of the psychiatric ward were realistic and the descriptions of the smells were evocative'

Most of us did not predict the excellent twist at the end of the book. When we discussed this generally some comments were:

'There were some clues there, why did he home in on Alicia from the beginning? He had his own issues and risk taking behaviours'

' I did suspect that Dr West might be his colleague Christian'

'I was surprised that Gabriel and Kathy had an affair as it didn't seem to suit their characters'

'It was very clever that Alicia recognised the murderer by his smell and his eyes'

We had a general discussion about how much a disturbed childhood can affect an adult.

We all enjoyed reading the book.

Kind regards,


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