'The Secret Guests' by B.W.Black

The book we were reviewing was 'The Secret Guests' by B.W. Black. This book was suggested after reading 'Summer stories, selecting the best new books' in the August edition of WI Life.

Our score for this book was 4.75 out of 10.

Some comments were:

'The story was like reading something out of 'Woman's Weekly'! You could predict the plot , it was childish and disappointing. I did read it but was not gripped.'

'The descriptions were too in depth. It was very slow to start. It was boring . The book was lopsided in favour of Mary, and Elizabeth's character was boring.The book ended abruptly and was unsatisfactory.'

'The book did not hold my concentration. There was far too much description at the expense of a plot line. When something dramatic was about to happen a paragraph of description would distract from the action.'

'I didn't read the book from cover to cover as there were too many descriptions. I skim read the book as it was like watching paint dry!'

'I did not like the book. I thought the title did not bear any relationship to the story. The only exciting part was when Celia was caught with the British Consulate! The story could have been very different with the princesses having a wonderful time in the woods and meeting different people, rather than spending the majority of their time in the bedroom.'

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