'Past Imperfect ' by Julian Fellowes

The book we were discussing this month was 'Past Imperfect ' by Julian Fellowes. Our combined score was 7 out of 10.

This book certainly gave us a lot to discuss. Some of the ladies were transported back to the late 1960's and early 1970's and also reminisced about their own experiences at that time.

Our comments and conversation points were :

' I loved it, it was my era in London. I was always fascinated by the 'Season' and it was a quick read'

'I listened to an audible book this time. I felt it would have been a much harder book to read. The audible version worked well as the narrator brought it to life. It was verbose with a lot of detail and It was easier to pick up the storyline. I wanted to get to the end and I enjoyed it'

'There was a lot of tale to the story . I reread sections again. '

'It is interesting how much attitudes have changed in only 40 years. It made you think how we can all be selfish when we are younger and this was an opportunity to rethink his perception of what actually happened'

'The author was obviously young and immature at 19 but he didn't seem to have a good word for anyone'

'The second half of the book was more enjoyable. I feel Damian must have realised that sending the author out on his hunt would be cathartic. Was it possibly an ultimate apology for the incident in Portugal?'

'I found the book long winded. It was more like an autobiography. Trying to find out about the babies was a bit weird. There was an awful lot of unhappiness.'

'The book highlighted how important parental influence was at this time. if you were someone from 'The Outside' you had very different values.'

'Damien tried to break through into this society but ultimately failed, did this give him the impetus to work as hard as he did and succeed with huge material wealth?'

'I had read the book before. I tended to skim parts of it as there was too much of 'the same'. The values of the families were almost incestuous , they all had the same attitudes.'

'The book had a satisfactory ending. It all seemed to work out for everyone. The author realised what a snob he had been.'

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