'Marching Powder' by Rusty Young7

The book we were discussing was 'Marching Powder' by Rusty Young. Our overall score was 7.3 out of 10.

The book gave us a lot to discuss. We all agreed that it is not a book that we would necessarily have picked off the shelf to read. However we were all glad that we did read it and learned so much in the process. Part of the enjoyment of being in a book club is that we read books from so many different genres. 'Marching Powder ' is about life inside San Pedro prison in Bolivia.

Some comments were:

'It was very different. I was fascinated and it was an eye opener. Some of the descriptions were horrendous. I felt there wasn't enough information about the author (Rusty). Apparently you can no longer go on 'tours' of the prison.'

'I listened to the book on Audio. The book was quite horrific in some parts , especially the swimming pool incident. It was extraordinary that the prisoners could go out! I did struggle with the descriptions of violence.'

' I found the description on the front cover put me off starting the book but once I did start I read 100 pages straight away! However as the book progressed I found it repetitive and a little boring at times. I am very ignorant of the subject matter and therefore found the book so interesting.'

'It was so sad that the prison also housed the wives and children. The prisoners could n

ot afford to support their families outside the prison.This was so sad and heartbreaking. I felt angry with Thomas as he had committed a crime'

'I found the book interesting but it could be repetitive at times . He had a comfortable life . The book was an eye opener!'

'I struggled with the book, it could have been shorter. Thomas was a gullible character.'

'The book seemed to finish very quickly.'

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