'Love is Blind' by William Boyd

The book that we were reviewing this month was 'Love is Blind' by William Boyd.

Our overall score was 8.6 out of 10.

The book instigated lots of good discussion and we all enjoyed the book with no glaring discrepancies in the scores!

Our comments were;

"I enjoyed it. It was very readable and I kept wanting to read on. There were good descriptions. The characters were interesting, Malachi was so controlling. It definitely made me want to read some more William Boyd books"

"The book entertained. There were twists and turns, though no follow up about Brodie's family."

" I enjoyed it .Brodie was a gentleman and very likeable.He was very brave to leave his family. It is beautifully written language"

"It was an easy read. He had an interesting relationship with his brothers. Apparently there are links with some of William Boyd's other books."

"It was a good start. Good descriptions, but I felt that the chapters in Russia dragged out a bit. The book got going again after Russia and I did enjoy it. It was difficult for Brodie to hide due to his profession and it was always going to have a doomed ending."

"The ending was interesting, reading the letter from Page. Why did Lika go travelling before meeting up with Brodie?"

"I was instantly straight into the story. The book was very well written without being bogged down in descriptive text. I liked the character of Brodie with his integrity and felt so sorry that he was let down by Ainsley who did not stand up to his dishonest son.There were good descriptions of Tuberculosis.I enjoyed the descriptions of Russia. The last few chapters were strange and didn't really fit in with the rest of the book. "

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