"The Separation" by Dinah Jefferies

Our overall score was 8.8 out of 10. Some comments made were:

'I really enjoyed it, I liked the characters.'

'It was easy reading in these difficult times. The book flowed.'

'The ending was very abrupt, so many unanswered questions.'

'I felt it was crying out for a sequel...how would Lydia and Adil's relationship develop? Would she stay in England or return to Malaya? Would Veronica's relationship with Emma continue to be close?'

'This was an easy read and I wanted to finish it. It was well written with lots of descriptions.'

'Sometimes it could be a bit too flowery and I felt it could have been condensed.'

'I loved the parallel story lines. The harsh cold of England compared to the exotic heat in Malaya.'

'The pain of losing her children was raw. '

'At times I felt there were weak areas in the story e.g. the fire and any lack of evidence or paperwork and that someone else would not know anything. However as the book carried on these apparant flaws in the story were all carefully explained. '

'There were interesting female characters in the book '"

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