"Miss Austen" by Gill Hornby

The overall score for the book was 7.3 out of 10.

The comments were:

'Not my thing, this type of book does nothing for me!'

'I found it slow and dull '

'There were too many similar names '

' I read it and enjoyed parts of it'

'I wasn't keen on the style of writing'

'I felt she captured Jane Austen's style of writing but the story didn't have as much substance , it was dull'

'It highlighted the plight of single women in that era with no rights whatsoever and the sense of duty to family'

'I struggled with it a bit, it was a pleasant read'

'I have loved this book'

'I started it twice and just couldn't get into it ...I felt I needed a little light reading !'

' I really enjoyed this book . I found the history very interesting and the way that the author had combined the facts with the fiction. Thank goodness womens rights have moved on since then!

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