'Ordinary Thunderstorms' by William Boyd

We were discussing ' Ordinary Thunderstorms' by William Boyd. Our score was 8.75 out of 10. Some comments were; 'I enjoyed it and kept looking forward to the next part' 'Initially I kept wondering why Adam, after finding Wang dying ,decided the best option was to buy a tent and camping stove and become homeless' 'I then revised my opinion after discussing the book with my husband and he agreed he would hide!' 'I enjoyed the book very much, it kept my interest and I wanted to know what was happening with each person. However it was a little too detailed in some places.' 'Why did he pull the knife out?...He was such an intelligent man , he should have known this was the worst thing to do.' We had a general discussion about the 'knife incident'. Someone thought it was because the scientist wanted to die quickly and knew this would speed up the process. Someone else thought that he knew he would be targeted and killed anyway so there was no point trying to survive. We all felt that Adam totally panicked in this situation and just did as he was instructed as he was not thinking clearly. 'I felt the book over explained things.' 'Adam wasn't perfect, he had cheated on his wife and he had his flaws. However his intelligence made him better able to adapt to the situation he was in.' We all felt it was a satisfactory ending and fingers crossed Rita will understand why he did what he did and forgive him . Mhouse was a sad character but had basic kindness. We hoped Adam would build on his relationship with Ly-on who just needed someone to care for him and teach him.. It seemed as though the author had left a few strands to possibly write a sequel. ' 

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