'The Ballroom' by Anna Hope

'We had a very good discussion about this month's book, 'The Ballroom' by Anna Hope. There were mixed reviews and the scores ranged from 2 out of 10 all the way up to 10 out of 10!

These are some of the comments made:


"Couldn't put it down"

"Not good"


"Too many memories- too evocative , but beautifully written"

" Emotional"


"You could imagine the heat over the summer. The descriptions made me feel as parched as the characters"

Some questions were raised and discussed, for example:

"How had she managed to so successfully raise a child to become a teacher when she was a single mother, unable to read or write with no money or job?"

"How had she really managed to climb back into the high window in the toilet block after her meeting with John?"

" Were Dr Charles' intentions good or totally horrific- was he more mentally disturbed than some of his patients?"

Our overall score for this book was 6.6 out of 10.'

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