Two Nights' by Kathy Reichs

Well none of us were particularly enthralled by this month's book. The book was 'Two Nights' by Kathy Reichs. A few of us have read Kathy Reichs before and really enjoyed her books and her style of writing. However, we were disappointed as this was not her usual style. Some comments were: 'I read it for the book club!', 'Really difficult to get into, I read it to get to the end, light reading', 'Only read the first chapter-didn't enjoy it at all', 'Really didn't like the style or the character', 'Really disappointed as I love Kathy Reichs as an author' , 'Not her usual style of writing'. On a more positive note: ' I liked the ending, good summary and she tied up the ends', 'I enjoyed it, kept you awake but not a page turner'. So all in all I don't think we will be recommneding this book. Our score was 4.5 out of 10."

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