Alice in Wonderland

WOW WOW WOW - What an awesome job our ladies did at the Horticultural Show last weekend!

It was very hot start to the day and there was a little scare that the cup cakes were starting to look very shiny, fortunately Jennie and the girls managed to save them all. All the items that were made by the wonderfull Jennie, Adreka and Angela were carefully arranged around the table along with some of the items that we made at our July meeting. It was the perfect Tea Party - if only there was actually tea in those pots x

Everyone who visited thought our display was excellant, even and the chairman of the Horticultural society commented on how as a first entrant we submitted an exceptional entry and that the winners may need to look out in the future! Go Girls x

We are going to display part of our table in Church Walk (where the Jewellers was opposite Morrisons) from Saturday18th July, where it will stay for a couple of weeks.

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