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Along with our monthly meeting, there are a number of smaller groups which are available to our members, please see below for details on each group.


If you are interested in starting up your own group or would like to join a group that has not been started, please use the feedback page on here or email us details and we will send out details to all the members. 

Chill Social

Chill Social

Wine, Women & Words

Wine, Women & Words - Click for Reviews

Ladies, Literature & Laughter

Ladies, Literature & Laughter - Click for reviews

Glitter 'n' Glue

Glitter 'n' Glue - Click to view creations

Crafty Ladies

Crafty Ladies - Click to see creations

Tea Cake Ramblers

Tea Cake Ramblers - View adventures

Gardening Club

Gardening Club - Tips and tricks

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