May 17, 2019

A Place Called Winter scored an average of 7.2.

“A few of the group took a while to get into this book but most enjoyed the story and were interested in the depiction of the harsh life of the Canadian settlers and the difficulties of being a gay man in that era. Some readers struggled to relate to the characters or felt that they were unconvincingly portrayed”


May 14, 2019

We discussed the book 'Dissolution ' by C.J.Sansom. We gave the book a high score of 9.6 out of 10! 

Some of the comments were:

'I thought it was a historical novel, not a detective novel'
'It was well written and flowed'
'It was eloquently written with evocative descriptions'
'Lots of new vocabulary...dictionaries at the ready!'
'I really wanted to keep reading , it drew you in'
' I read a few pages and decided it was not for me'
'The torture descriptions were horrible but food for thought about the horrors of the time'
'I have enjoyed it and it was interesting to read about the period...but...a bit like a Midsommer Murder!'
'I will definitely read more in the series of books'' 

May 4, 2019

The ladies came on Wednesday and they made the card you see below. We used an edging die of butterflies, all white with sparkles!!!
Next meeting June 5th.  

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