January 14, 2019

“Most of the group enjoyed this easy to read story even if some felt that it was a bit too nice and sugary at times. Readers felt that the book rather skimmed over what it must have been like on Guernsey during the occupation. Many of the group were not keen on the letters format although that did make the book easy to put down and pick up again” Average score 7.4



January 10, 2019

We had a long discussion about the book 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society'. Our overall score was 8.7 out of 10.
Some comments were:

'I couldn't put it down.'
'I'd forgotten how long it used to take to get hold of a book. Nowadays we just click a button and it is there.'
'It took a while to get used to the book being written in letters. But once you were absorbed you forgot it was in letter format.'

On the other hand,
'I tried to read the book, but was finding it difficult to read the letters, found it disjointed and confusing.'
'I looked at it and didn't like the format therefore I didn't read it.'
'The title may have been off-putting.'
'It read as though it were little short stories and the style of writing seemed a little disjointed.' 

January 10, 2019

We met this morning for our first card class of the year. The first picture below is the card the ladies were following. The second photo of three cards are the versions they made. All very pretty and one as a wedding card ! 


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